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Are you looking for arguments in favor of a custom font to convince yourself, your boss, or your client? We’ve compiled a list of topics that might play an important role in your and your client’s decision process. It doesn’t cover everything but hey it’s a start.

10 Arguments in favor of a Custom Font

1.) Peace of mind.
With a one-off investment the typeface is yours for good. Neither annual license fees nor license extensions are necessary anymore. Be it for apps, merchandise or service providers.

2.) One single source.
Stop bothering with a multitude of font families from a multitude of font providers with ever changing standards. We design font solutions that work in sync and answer to your specific needs.

3.) Call it by your name.
Font are sometimes hard to tell apart. Why make your employees and service providers memorise details in order to stay on-brand? Keep it easy and call your font by your company’s name.

4.) Be bold.
Font weights are not standardised and may vary from font to font. We make sure you look bold if you need to and light-hearted if you want to.

5.) Less, but better.
The newest Variable Font technology allows to put multiple cuts of a font into one single file. Not only it keeps your font menu tidy but also saves you lots of bandwidth.

6.) Like a sore thumb.
The majority of touchpoints across media remains text. Stand out from the crowd with a corporate font solution that carries your brand attributes and comes across as unmistakably you.

7.) Do you read me?
Prior to designing we undertake an extensive research about geographies and circumstances your custom font is intended to work in. In the process we determine which characters, languages, or scripts to add.

8.) Pixel perfect.
We follow a screen-first approach meaning that we primarily design typefaces for the digital realm. Not only do we choose certain formal elements accordingly, but also consider factors such as proportions, contrast, weight, slant and format.

9.) Logos at your fingertips.
By request we are happy to include your company’s logo into a font and map it onto your preferred keyboard key. No need to bother with graphics. Include your logo into documents with a flick of the finger.

10.) Support.
All is flux, nothing stays still. This is especially true for software. Updates of applications and operating systems can render your fonts unusable. We provide technical support, long after we deliver the design.

Further Information

Try before you buy. neue offers Trial Fonts for each family with a reduced character set Download trial fonts. Want to customize one of our retail fonts? Sometimes a small modification of an already existing neue font does the job Learn more about Custom Fonts. Let’s have a Video Call in case you prefer it over writing emails Schedule a video call. Get in touch: neue, c/o Alexander Roth, Im Wellenbügel 14, 32108 Bad Salzuflen, Germany Find us on the mapEmailInstagramLinkedIn.