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neue offers a variety of font services and is a trusted partner for top-of-class branding agencies. If you like what we offer or if you can’t find what you’re looking for then please don’t hesitate to reach out via email or schedule a video call with us.

neue Custom Fonts

A custom font doesn’t necessarily imply a design from scratch. Sometimes a modification of an existing neue font does the job. And if it doesn’t we are happy to design an exclusive font solution for you. We’re doing it so by establishing processes that adapt to your way of thinking and working and by taking your culture and geography into account. Therefore we see ourselves as collaborators than merely service providers — because we believe that collaboration and not obedience is the key to great design. In the following you’ll find detailed descriptions of services we are commonly asked for.

Exclusive Extension Modification Renaming Logotypes


Illustrations by Aliz Borsa

Exclusive means that the design and the font software is tailored to your specific needs. It is common to derive the form language from already existing brand attributes but if you prefer a different approach then we’re all ears. Not only the design of individual characters will respond uniquely to your ambitions but also the more technical aspects such as the amount of supported languages, the spacing of letters, the number of weights, the style and number of numeral sets, the naming, etc., making the font truly an extension of a brand. We don’t assume that you have any prior experience commissioning exclusive typefaces. It’s good if you do but don’t worry if you don’t.

See Eintracht Frankfurt Case


Usually there are two scenarios for font extensions: either the character set is too small or there aren’t enough weights and widths. neue can help you out in both cases, provided that you own full rights to modify your corporate fonts at will or you select one of our fonts from the retail library to do the work. Extensions can range from adding entire alphabets, designing entirely new widths and weights, to including individual characters such as arrows, logos, pictograms, icons, etc. And of course a series of services such as Extension, Modification and Renaming can be combined to save you of time and resources since there is already an existing design to build upon.

See HM Foundation Case


In some scenarios a little tweak here and there is all you need to make a typeface look different or to make it perform better in certain environments. The cases for it range from subtle face-lifts in order to keep pace with current visual trends and technical developments to the design of special versions for highly demanding applications such as small print and (low-resolution) screens. These modifications can affect entire alphabets in all their variations or just individual characters in a particular weight or width. We’ve done both and can consult you on whether this approach is the right one for you or whether you’re better off with one of our other services.

See Applied Information Case


This is the fastest way to get your hands on your own custom font. Just pick a font or an entire family from our retail library and let us know how to name it for you. We recommend to keep it short since font names are more or less limited in characters — more for older software, less for newer software. Please keep in mind that in the scope of this service we always use our own font names as suffixes. So if your company is called “ABCD” and you wish to license and rename our “neue Singular” for it then the full name would be “ABCD Singular”. If you don’t like that and you prefer a name without a suffix then please consult us regarding an Exclusive solution.

See PPE Europe Case


And yes, neue designs logotypes, too. You can commission us to design something completely from scratch, to help you out with typographic interventions in a draft you’re already working on or simply to quality control your finished logotype. Furthermore we’re experienced in adapting designs for special purposes such as small print, coarse resolution or a specific medium. Each design is checked using state-of-the-art software and is thoroughly documented. We’re also happy to include the finished design into your corporate font as part of our Extension service so that you have your logo always at your fingertips.

See Esmeraldas Case

Selection of Clients

HM Foundation
BMW Motorrad
Eintracht Frankfurt
Deutscher Bundestag
Hamburg Towers
British Council
Dortmunder U
Applied Information Group
Erik Spiekermann
PPE europe
CO2 Slash
Marta Herford
Mangold Branding
Kreativ Campus Detmold
neue Serie57 Type Specimen
Kurt Mühlenhaupt Museum
Duken & v. Wangenheim
mandana Jewellery

Further Information

Why go custom?

Why go custom?

Are you looking for arguments in favor of a custom font to convince yourself, your boss, or your client? We’ve compiled a list of topics that might play an important role in your and your client’s decision process. It doesn’t cover everything but hey it’s a start.
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Why go custom?

How working with neue works

You may wonder how the process and design of a custom font solution looks like. You might be even intimidated. Most foundries keep their processes secret. We don’t. Though neue is highly adaptive to your way of working the following shows you our suggested workflow.
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Try before you buy. neue offers Trial Fonts for each family with a reduced character set Download trial fonts. Want to customize one of our retail fonts? Sometimes a small modification of an already existing neue font does the job Learn more about Custom Fonts. Let’s have a Video Call in case you prefer it over writing emails Schedule a video call. Get in touch: neue, c/o Alexander Roth, Im Wellenbügel 14, 32108 Bad Salzuflen, Germany Find us on the mapEmailInstagramLinkedIn.