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You may wonder how the process and design of a custom font solution looks like. You might be even intimidated. Most foundries keep their processes secret. We don’t. Though neue is highly adaptive to your way of working the following shows you our suggested workflow.

How working with neue works

We’ve done many Custom Font projects with many agencies. Each projects demands a unique framework in order to fulfil your and your clients ambitions. Therefore the following serves merely as a suggestion how working with neue might look like. The design process itself consists of multiple building blocks that facilitate the manifestation of an ephemeral idea into a concrete design while simultaneously meeting demands in terms of efficiency and leaving room for frivolity. Feel free to jump to each individual step.

Information Ideation Exploration Production


The “Information” block is where it all starts and which is crucial for any kind of further development. It may contain multiple streams of input including a briefing document, mood boards with ideas, or in discussions articulated series of ambitions and expectations. This is done with either the responsible agency alone or with representatives of a brand altogether.


It is very common that a client approaches neue with an already pre-defined set of ideas and expectations concerning a custom typeface. This is good. But don’t worry if you don’t know where you’re heading yet. Consulting on the technical and artistic possibilities of a custom typeface is truly one of our strengths. In any case we’re eager to contribute with our ideas and expertise. Sometimes more, sometimes less — as you wish.


The “Exploration” phase is the equivalent to a sand box where ideas and concepts are translated into designs. It is not unusual to create multiple drafts at this stage and pressure-test each to see whether they withstand the realities of certain environments and whether they have the desired effect. In this phase we usually work with just a sample word that all stake holders agree on. The same sample word is further used to explore design attributes such as contrast, proportions, weights, widths, italics, effects, and more.


This is where the heavy lifting happens. The most viable design is developed into a fully functional custom font. As you might assume, this is usually the most time-consuming part of the process. We’re adding all the required characters, drawing all desired weights and widths of the font and making sure that the spacing looks right. While doing so we regularly provide you with the latest version of the typeface, so that you can already start working with the typeface while we’re still working on it.

Further Information

Try before you buy. neue offers Trial Fonts for each family with a reduced character set Download trial fonts. Want to customize one of our retail fonts? Sometimes a small modification of an already existing neue font does the job Learn more about Custom Fonts. Let’s have a Video Call in case you prefer it over writing emails Schedule a video call. Get in touch: neue, c/o Alexander Roth, Im Wellenbügel 14, 32108 Bad Salzuflen, Germany Find us on the mapEmailInstagramLinkedIn.